Thursday, 17 May 2018

Be a doer!

 I remember hearing an interesting expression when I was young that has stayed with me to this day:

"Life is hard because it gives you the test first, then the lesson."

This means we experience things and then understand some kind of lesson from them, like discovering that you burn your hand if you touch a hot stove.

School is designed to protect us from this truth about life by giving us lessons first.

But what we all realize when we leave school is that we often must learn things again.

The real lessons are learned after graduation.

I think about this quote often because after many years of studying English lessons in school, most learners are not prepared for the process of learning as life intended.

Many learners know a lot of English, but are often too shy to speak.

They're hoping for the classroom lesson that prepares them perfectly so they don't have to experience the essential real-life lesson of improvement through experience.

This is a lot like how many young people worry about becoming parents.

They often think they're too immature, and they're waiting to be "ready."

But true "readiness" only comes after you pull the trigger (commit to action).

I worried about being a father, too, before I became one.

Did I have enough money? Would I have enough time? Would I be a good dad?

But something amazing happened when my daughter was born...

I discovered I was ready!

Life was giving me the test first, but ALSO preparing me with the lessons I needed to become a father.

The way I thought changed.

Maturity and discipline came very quickly once I saw I had a little girl to protect and care for.

You can't prepare in advance to be a parent. You can only become one, and then discover you're ready for the challenges of having a child.

And it's the same thing with fluency.

You don't get fluent first and then meet people to practice with in real conversations...

You make the decision to speak, join conversations and then learn through the process.

Experience is the teacher!

Just like being a parent, it's not always easy, and you don't always know what to do...

But the answers reveal themselves, and you make progress very quickly.

The faster you act, the faster you improve!

This is why every lesson set in The Fluency Course gives you a way to immediately practice what you learn in the real world.

You learn something, then you practice it...

Not with a teacher in school, but with native speakers in the "classroom" of real-life.

You meet people and make friends with those who share your interests.

This is how you got fluent in your native language, and how you can get fluent very quickly in English if you just act!

Life is hard because we get the test before the lesson...

But it becomes very easy once you understand that this is how you're supposed to learn.

Embrace it for the FASTEST improvement possible, no matter what you want to do in life!

Those who wait will never become ready.

They can only sit and wonder how things might be.

Those who act are rewarded instantly with true "readiness," knowledge and skills.

So... Are you a waiter or a doer?

Your English Fluency Guide

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